**CHEESE PLATE How-To/Ideas**Quick Reference Charts

          ***CHEESE PLATE How-To***
...Cheese Plates  are so Easy for Entertaining... 
Whether planned or impromptu!
...These  great Quick Reference Charts,
Display Ideas and How-to Visuals will make this the page to bookmark and Enjoy!...
I love a good cheese plate. Sometimes and mostly on weekend nights, I use it as a dinner meal. It’s...:
Spring Cheese Board / everything you could possibly need for the perfect cheese board!:
...Essentials for a Perfect Cheese Board...
How To Put Together The Perfect Cheese Board! (Visual Guide) | LC Living: http://lcliving.ca/the-perfect-cheese-board/
Antipasto Platter--great appetizer with recipes (salami, mortadella, prosciutto, Parmesan cheese in chunks, marinated olives, white bean puree, marinated artichokes, roasted red peppers, crostini)--from Christina Ferrare:
Beautiful cheese Board ideas for holiday entertaining:
Cheese Plate:
Cheese-Pairings: https://thesuitelifedesigns.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/creating-the-perfect-cheese-plate/
antipasto della casa - I would serve each person his/her own antipasto board.:
Entertain with the perfect appetizer spread! Cheese & Charcuterie Party — Celebrations at Home:
Easy Party Cheeseboard - instructions and recipe included!: http://www.tootsweet4two.com/easy-party-cheeseboard/

  ...Cheeses and Fruits Display Ideas...
...a Beautiful Cheese/Crudites/Fruits Tower
          from The Enchanted Home...
beautiful table with cheese, bread and fruit:
wine and cheese party: http://www.frontgate.com/wine-bottle-candelabra/kitchen-entertaining/newest-additions/553234?defattrib=&defattribvalue=&listIndex=2&SourceCode=ZZ73105&cm_mmc=pinterest-_-pingage-_-973330-_-NA#_a5y_p=973330
...a Vertical Cheese Tower from Stone Gable...
Vertical Cheese Board:  Cheeses:  one hard cheese (sharp cheddar), one soft cheese (Borsin), one “stinky” cheese (French Bleu), two favorites (Havarti and Manchego - Meats: hard salami, pepperoni, sporessata - Fruits: cherries, grapes, clementines, pomegranates: http://www.stonegableblog.com/vertical-cheese-board/
      ...Wines and Cheeses...

pretty charcuterie tray. Thank you to Heather Dubrow for making me look up the word Charcuterie.:
Wine and cheese:
Chill wine quickly with ice water and salt. | 27 Best Summer Party Hacks: https://www.buzzfeed.com/emofly/summer-party-tips-tricks?sub=2412281_1374158&utm_term=.rl63wyLx9#.txJ9YvNOq

Holiday Cheese Platter #Recipe:
Cheese plate from Kendall-Jackson...
Top Tips: Cheese Platter:

Wine & Cheese Pairings:
Wozz ultimate condiment and cheese pairing guide for easy yet elegant entertaining.  Small batch handcrafted condiments ideal for a beautiful cheese plate!:

Cheese and Jam Pairing Chart for Ideas for Cheese Trays and Entertaining:
Cheese plate:

  ...Don't forget a great Centerpiece!...
Annette Joseph: Wine and Cheese Party DIY with Kathie Lee and Hoda: http://www.save-on-crafts.com/wine-and-cheese-party-ideas.html
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Great resource --> How to Make a Cheese Plate #cheeseboard @cabotcheese:

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