July 24, 2018


Southern Ladies Lunch

is a cool respite from
the noonday heat,
or can easily be 
your favorite Bridal/Baby shower menu.

 This delightful and tasty,
light lunch consists of
Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches, freshly cut cucumber slices, and an assortment of
favorite relishes.
Cucumber Tzatziki is spread
on mini olive oil toasted baguette slices,
and garnished with
luscious red and green Summer Grapes.
Lite Lunch for New Year's Resolutions!:
Served on silver platters
with an antique lace table topper.
 ( You know, one of those
beautiful pieces you inherited
from your grandmother,
or bought at a great estate sale!) 
Fabulous vintage linens....just lovely!: http://getcottage.blogspot.com/
This is always a special,
but easy to prepare luncheon for a
Bridal or Baby shower.
Definitely Lovely . . .:
Simply purchase the chicken salad and tzatziki'
from your local grocer's deli for a quick, fresh compromise if you don't have time to make these yummy treats from scratch.
Low carb copycat Neiman Marcus chicken salad is adapted from Helen Corbitts cookbook and has all the yum without all the carbs. lowcarb-ology.com:
Pull out those beloved antique silver canape' knives
(don't you just love shopping for antiques!?)
 and your prettiest luncheon plates
for a beautiful presentation.

Don't forget to use your vintage linen and lace
or monogrammed luncheon napkins.
Caspari also makes some beautiful paper napkins.

I always keep an assortment of
Luncheon and Cocktail Napkins
 on hand for quick use...so handy!
Jacquard Blue & White Airlaid Dinner Napkins - 12 per package:
Your guests will ooh and aah! over your
simple, but impressive, yummy lunch!
(And take pictures!)


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