June 9, 2016

e-Book DIY- A Visual GARDEN WEDDING Consultation

       A Visual DIY Wedding Consultation
       A Beautiful, Romantic, Simple 
  DIY Garden Wedding that you can do
         at a fraction of the cost using
    Christmas Lights, Candles & Ferns,
      Hydrangea Blooms, Rose Petals
(Silk or Fresh) & Grocery Store Flowers...
20 Inspired Ideas for a Dreamy Woodland Wedding: Hanging Tree Lights: Strings of pretty twinkle lights hanging from a big ol’ tree are super romantic and high impact. Go ahead, light up your big day. (via Shewanders Photography):
       With help from Friends & Family,
You can turn any setting (indoors or out)
      into a Bridal Wonderland...
beautiful setting:


Less or More...

Lighting is the magical touch,
so, having an After Dark   Wedding is IMPORTANT!
beautiful lights!:
Tree Branches wrapped in rows and rows
      of Twinkle Lights are so stunning!
 lights + lanterns:  
            You can even add Chandeliers!
LOVE the chandeliers!!!:
Wedding under a big tree!..... although im not married and have no plan to get married i actually love this photo due to the tree.... if i was to ever get married i couldnt think of a better backdrop than this!:

    Operated Candles
   in Dropped
Lanterns from Tree Branches
Photography: Lacie Hansen Photography - laciehansen.com/ Read More: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2015/05/20/autumn-inn-at-park-winters-wedding/:
...Transform a Walkway with Ferns
                   and Rose Petals... 
Sean Parker’s Enchanted Forest Wedding:
Fall outdoor wedding decorations:
                             ...Be Creative!...
pretty rose petal aisle.:
...Rose Petals (Fresh or Faux) Walkways...
Make your own petal runners! Use Spray adhesive. Buy flowers at Dollar Tree. Link to calculate how many flower petals you'll need: http://www.petalgarden.com/petalcalc.htm:
       Make your own petal runners!
               Use Spray adhesive.
        Buy flowers at Dollar Tree.
       Link to calculate how many
   flower petals you'll need: www.petalgarden.c...
This website is so helpful! It calculates how many pieces of flower petals you will need for your wedding!:
Light up your wedding night with romantic candles. | OneLove Photography: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/18-impossibly-romantic-ways-to-use-candles-at-your-wedding_us_55e4cd01e4b0c818f618e7f4?
...Save the Date Announcements, 
 Wedding Invitations, Thank You Notes...
Click onto the link below the picture.
It will take you directly to the site
where you can place your Custom Order.
Flora Sonata Blue Save The Date Cardhttp://www.zazzle.com/pd/spp/pt-zazzle_invitation2?dz=899713aa-7fc4-4dc8-99c0-d64adf3a8328&clone=true&pending=true&style=4.5x6.25&media=matte&color=white&design.areas=%5B4.5x6.25_front_full_horz%5D&cornerstyle=normal&printquality=4color&view=113678930683888444&CMPN=shareicon&lang=en&social=true&rf=238411764832824616
Flora Sonata Blue 5x7 Invitationhttp://www.zazzle.com/pd/spp/pt-zazzle_invitation2?dz=f4f9c255-9d6c-478e-9a06-75c0949952ee&clone=true&pending=true&style=5x7&media=matte&color=white&design.areas=%5B5x7_front_full_vert%5D&cornerstyle=normal&printquality=4color&view=113333167731492616&CMPN=shareicon&lang=en&social=true&rf=238411764832824616
Flora Sonata Blue Thank You Cardhttp://www.zazzle.com/pd/spp/pt-zazzle_card?dz=72c889e5-4e13-45fe-a166-7a6ed0500496&clone=true&pending=true&type=notecard&orientation=horz&design.areas=%5Bcard_4x56_outside_print_horz_front%2Ccard_4x56_outside_print_horz_back%5D&view=113404083060829587&CMPN=shareicon&lang=en&social=true&rf=238411764832824616
Weddbook ? luci Amazing Wedding decori. Non si pu� mai avere luci brillano abbastanza! Natale o decorazioni di nozze invernali. Light winter christmas sparkly regalo:
Boston Ferns Wedding with Lanterns!:
             A Visual DIY Wedding Consultation
...Decorating with Lights, Flowers and Ferns...

White flowers, ferns and white lanterns ~ Beautiful entrance to a summer party.:

An indoor garden with potted trees, ferns, downtown abbey inspired arrangements with lanterns and lights throughout.:
  All White Outdoor Weddings at  Night
          can be Absolutely Stunning!
         Why? The White reflects the
    Candles & all those Twinkle Lights
          to give off a Magical Glow!
      (Almost like a Moonlight Garden...
                        sooo Romantic!)
 Hydrangeas are an incredibly versatile flower that works for almost every wedding theme. From a cascading centerpiece to a Romantic  Altar
                                                                            ...Colin Cowie

greenery and textured walls:
        ...Bringing the Outdoor Beauty Inside...
Wedding Ceremony white & green ceremony altar:
        ...Reception Table Decor Ideas...
http://www.modwedding.com/2014/10/29/wedding-reception-decor-ideas-drenched-glamour/ #wedding #weddings #wedding_centerpiece via ZCreateDesign:
      ...Candles with Rose Petals...

Love the loose flower petals scattered on the table:
Flora Sonata Blue Table Cardhttp://www.zazzle.com/pd/spp/pt-zazzle_postcard?dz=344d9f96-96bd-4cff-8cd5-98179e9d9dff&clone=true&pending=true&type=standard_postcard&design.areas=%5Bfront_horz%2Cback_horz%5D&view=113443160207323201&CMPN=shareicon&lang=en&social=true&rf=238411764832824616
dollarstore vases floating candles, a few hydrangeas and rose petals (big impact for cheap) / idea for bridal table:
    ...More Candles with Rose Petals...
Floral Petal Paved Votive Candles:
ferns and roses:
'rough-luxe' look for these centrepieces, we started with a piece of flagstone (yes, a rock!) and built up around the trinity of glass and floating candles using cream and natural coloured florals, miniature ferns, moss and cuttings:
...Hydrangeas ( Fresh or Faux Blooms)
                   with Ferns in Vase...
Hydrangea and curly willow wedding centerpiece  #GabrielCo #MyPerfectWedding:

           ...Hydrangeas in Vases...
Pretty purple flower centerpieces combined with candles and flower petals: http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog/2013/09/16/elegant-nashville-symphony-wedding/blue-and-purple-hydrangeas-on-reception-entry-table/
A floral tablecloth is created using
pink hydrangeas, making for an
incredibly elegant escort card table...
A floral tablecloth is created using pink hydrangeas, making for an incredibly elegant escort card table.: http://www.colincowieweddings.com/flowers-and-decor/flowers/hydrangeas
roses and hydrangeas:
                           ...In Crates...
Nautical Hamptons Wedding from Amaranth Photography - blue wedding idea: http://www.modwedding.com/2015/01/nautical-hamptons-wedding-amaranth-photography/
#centerpiece, #votives, #candle  Photography: Ashley Seawell Photography - www.ashleyseawellphotography.com Reception Venue: Sea Island Resort - www.seaisland.com/ Event Design: Easton Events - eastonevents.com Floral Design: The Vine Garden Market - vinegardenmarket.com/: http://www.stylemepretty.com/vault/image/2337426
Charming Candles that Make for Romantic Centerpieces. To see more wedding ideas: www.modwedding.com: http://www.modwedding.com/2013/05/wedding-ideas-charming-candles-that-make-for-romantic-centerpieces/
Gorgeous and simple DIY hydrangea centerpiece. Get a glam look for your vintage or classic wedding centerpieces. #weddingflowers Centerpiece photo from Style Me Pretty:
                  ...BASIC DIY TIPS...
submerged blue hydrangea--triple on tables for centerpieces or even cocktail tables:

blue hydrangea table runner with candles @weddingchicks: http://www.weddingchicks.com/2015/11/23/classic-london-wedding-ideas/
 ...A Visual DIY Wedding Consultation...
Discount Florist Supplies - Free and Easy DIY Flower Tutorials Learn how to make bridal bouquets, groom boutonnieres, wedding corsages, reception table centerpieces and church decorations. Buy wholesale flowers and discount florist supplies.:
@ Jacob Monique. Wouldn't that be a beautiful centerpiece?!!! with the flower runner and all. Bet is cost a fortune. ;-(: http://blog.karentran.com/page/6/
boston ferns:
Fern and Branch Centerpiece | photography by http://www.natasjakremersblog.com | floral design by http://zinniafloraldesigns.com.au/ | wedding planning/event design by http://www.cdweddings.com.au/: http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog/2013/09/09/elegant-australian-elopement/
...Mixed Greens Table Runners...
10 Ways to Use Greenery in your Wedding Decor and Save Money!:
Floral Foam - Florist Supply for Weddings - Hanging Garland  Learn how to make bridal bouquets, wedding corsages, grooms boutonnieres, church and reception decorations and more.  Buy wholesale fresh flowers and discount florist supplies.:
cascading table runner, photo by Eric Foley Photographers http://ruffledblog.com/coastal-chic-wedding-inspiration-from-cape-cod #weddingideas #flowers:
...Beautiful Custom Photo Album for
                   Wedding Day Memories...
Flora Sonata Blue Binderhttp://www.zazzle.com/pd/spp/pt-zazzle_binder?dz=346b66b5-587c-4b11-a161-c1e934bdc1b8&clone=true&pending=true&style=8.5x11&size=1.5&color=white&ring=ezd&design.areas=%5B8.5x11_1.5_outside_full%2C8.5x11_1.5_outside_front%2C8.5x11_1.5_outside_spine%5D&view=113038588644027054&CMPN=shareicon&lang=en&social=true&rf=238411764832824616
hydrangea wedding cake - Google Search:
37 Beautiful Ways to decorate your wedding with hydrangeas - Desserts:
hydrangea covered cake- just wouldn't want flowers on the top:

                  ...Cupcake Towers...
cupcake tower for a #wedding:

            ...DONUT TOWERS...
Wedding donuts!:
        ...Beverage Drink Stations...
Celebrating Summer with TIKI® Brand Torches | Celebrating everyday life with Jennifer Carroll::
     For Ideas for Party Beverage Stations,
              see more on my Blog Post
"BEST PARTY BEVERAGE STATIONS IDEAS" http://www.mintjulepsmagnoliasamppearls.com/2016/03/best-party-beverage-stations-ideas.html
 ...Bridal Bouquets
and Wedding Party Flowers...An all-green fern bouquet | Brides.com: http://www.brides.com/blogs/aisle-say/2014/09/ferns-wedding-flowers-bouquets.html
Various ferns and grasses were mixed with hydrangeas and poppy pods to create the bride’s unique green bouquet.: https://www.theknot.com/real-weddings/green-bridal-bouquet-photo-55

              ...Hydrangeas in Bouquets...

...Roses and Hydrangeas Bouquets...
Hydrangeas Bouquet With, Roses, and Greenery | Brides.com:
                 ...DIY Bridal Bouquet...
DIY Grocery Store Bridal Bouquet::
Hydrangea and Peonies Bouquet:

Love this blue hydrangea & white rose wedding bouquet: ...For the Groom
                                                          and Groomsmen...
This with less hydrangea (and lighter blue) for the guys, and with more white for the moms.: Flower Design Events: Groom's Boutonniere:
Boutineer so simple and pretty:
...The Flower Girls...

                    ... Flower Girl Pomanders...

                         ...Ring Bearer Pillows...


                REFERENCE CHARTS
MOST AMAZING WEBSITE EVER! WILL BE USING IN THE FUTURE! How many Flowers do I need for my wedding arrangements? Take a look at the BloomsByTheBox flower quantity chart to calculate how many flowers to order.: http://www.bloomsbythebox.com/blog/diy/question-how-many-flowers-do-i-need/#sthash.C12vcTG7.qjtu
These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Plan Your Wedding:
Glossary of all different bouquet styles and shapes!:

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                            PINTEREST BOARD

        Thanks for Visiting this Visual DIY Wedding Consultation!
                        Wedding Blessings,


blue & white table runner and vase with blue hydrangea head - Image by Samantha Ward Photography - A chinese influenced wedding in York with a blue and white colour scheme , hydrangea and garden games:  
A blue and white wedding touting Chinoiserie details that is simply jaw dropping with Amy and Jordan Photography capturing every glorious moment. Wedding floral decorations:


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