April 24, 2016


             ...CABBAGE ROSES...
          *Pretty* Fun* Versatile*
             *Easy Showstopper*

                Cabbage Roses are
         soooo easy and fun to make!
Food displays:
They are the perfect garnish for
any setting, whether it's a
   Buffet of Crudites,
 Party Sandwich Trays
   or Meats & Cheeses.
food displays | Eagle Scout luncheon | Food Displays:
    They are especially nice
      to use when you are
   dressing up Party Trays
from the big box stores!
CABBAGE ROSES for Salads, Sandwich Trays, etc. @ Mint Juleps, Magnolias & Pearls Blog:
Good, affordable wedding shower menu from Costco. Pinwheel wraps, shrimp cocktail, petite quiches, fruit bowl, mango salsa and tri-colored chips, and sparkling juice.:
Simply remove the items
from store boxes, and
place onto pretty
serving platters,
add frilly toothpicks, condiments
and the Cabbage Roses!
Couldn’t be simpler…  Slice open the croissants with a bread knife and scoop on the chicken salad. Display on a tray, and done!:
     ...Now it's DIY time for CABBAGE ROSES...
*Step 1  
           Choose the size, amount & color 
           cabbages you will  
           need for your table settings

*Step 2
            Cut the cabbages in half...ALMOST.
            Do Not Cut all the way through.
            Then cut each half side into
            3 separate sections.
            Again, not all the way through.
            Submerge each cabbage head
            into a large container
            of  cold water.
 I use Ice Coolers, which are deep and easier to handle.
*Step 3
            Leave Cabbage Roses in cold water.
            It will take approximately 6-8 Hrs.
            for the cut Cabbages to open.
Tip: You may put cut cabbages
         into a bath tub filled
         with cold water and
         let sit overnight to open,
         if you are using 6
         or more Cabbages.
     It's large and easy to drain.
*Step 4
            Turn upside down onto a large
            bath towel and let water drain out.
Cabbage Rose Salad:
        I cut this large Cabbage Rose in half, and used
        each side as focal garnish points for this large
        salad bowl used at a Holiday Event.
Cabbage Rose Salad:
CABBAGE ROSES @ Mint Juleps, Magnolias & Pearls Blog:


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