November 10, 2016


            There's No Place Like
          Home for the Holidays!!
Holiday greenery mixed with bright red apples makes a beautiful and inexpensive display....:
      ...The Holiday Decorations...

        ...The Holiday Goodies...
Home For The Holidays Classic Round Sticker:
next year a candy tree in the kitchen, yes that's what I said...:
...A lot of us know the feeling of leaving home, and going off to make new homes, wherever Jobs and Careers take us.
Kind of like a new adventure...
Times Square – New York City. Love that place!!!:
...When it comes to Holidays...
Well, that's different!
Houston, Texas:
...Even though the thrill of all the
Holiday Lights and Decorations
are so beautiful...
grandma's cooking - Google Search:
Most of us long for the coziness of a feel-good
place with family and friends to share
the nostalgia of Home and Family Traditions...
...Like a good cup of Hot Chocolate
from Mom's old recipes...
...Of course, it has to be in a cute mug!...
Click on the image, and you will be taken directly to the site to order your custom Holiday Mug
...Happy Shopping!...

Home For The Holidays Coffee Mug
Home For The Holidays Coffee Mug
by debipayne
Red and White Christmas:
Another cute idea for Christmas Brunch
or a Holiday Coffee
using your special Holiday Mugs

...Don't forget Holiday Napkins...

Home For The Holidays Napkin
Home For The Holidays Napkin
by debipayne
...If you want to share your
Happy Holiday Treats with friends
when you go back, take along a
Holiday Gift bag full of Homemade goodies!...

J'ai inscrit seulement enseignants et éducateurs dans mon titre pour qu'il ne soit pas trop long, mais c'est une idée cadeaux pour tous ceux qui prennent si bien soin de vos petits mousses! La petite gardienne aussi aimera! Mais tant qu'à y être, le:
Home For The Holidays Card
Home For The Holidays Card
by debipayne
dreamsofchristmas:  Christmas Blog! All Year! 365 Days! New posts every 5 minutes!:
...There's No Place Like
Home for the Holidays...
Hearty Winter Soup Mix in a Jar:
...Favorite Eats...
homemade holiday cookies:
...Cutest Holiday Stickers for those
Delicious Homemade Treats!...

Home For The Holidays Classic Round Sticker
Home For The Holidays Classic Round Sticker
by debipayne
Have yourself a merry little Christmas.:
I Love This Idea Of Wrapping & Presenting Your Home Made Goodies With A Little Greenery & A Bright Red Christmas Bow...Give Out To ALL Of Your Friends & Family & They'll Absolutely Love It Knowing You Went Through That Little Extra Step To Show That You Care,  Instead Of Handing Them A Plain Ol' Plate Of Cookies......:
...More cute Ideas for packaging your
favorite Holiday Treats...
 20 Tips for Packaging Christmas Cookies: Boxes with Ribbon | thegoodstuff:

Apple Recipe Cards
Apple Recipe Cards
by debipayne
...When the Holidays are over, and everyone gets back to their routines...
Just remember this
...There's No Place Like
Home for the Holidays!...
This looks so cozy!:
Thanks for visiting!
Blessed Holiday Memories to All!
...From Our House to Yours...
Holiday Blessings,
Gorgeous front porch decorated for Christmas, check out he colums, wrapped wwith greenery and lights:

October 15, 2016


              YELLOW ROSE
          of TEXAS Wedding
   In Texas, we do things big...Really BIG!
    We also know how to make a silk purse
              out of a sow's ear...(Really!)
Reception, Flowers & Decor, Jewelry, yellow, gold, Flowers, Rings, Wedding, Sunflowers, Beautiful:
...When I have a Bride come to me,
and tell me she is getting married,
and the Wedding Venue will be at her Grandparent's Ranch...

          ...while the Sunflowers are in bloom...

      the Horse Barn...
Who's barn has chandeliers?:
Well, maybe it's not your usual sow's ear...
        Remember, I told you we do
           things big around here...
I'm really not one for the big huge fancy stables, I like more the homie country feel stables, but, this would be amazing!:
           ...This Texas Bride wanted a
       "Yellow Rose of Texas Wedding"...
                      Simple Elegance
A Sentimental North Carolina Barn Wedding | Woman Getting Married:
    This is a perfect "Save the Date Card"
                         from Zazzle.
(Click on image to place your custom order.)
Country Sunflower Chalkboard Wedding Save the Date Postcard
...With side Lantern decorations against the paddocks on each side...
         ...a Perfect look for a Ranch Wedding...
Purple Bridesmaids Dresses with Cowboy boots and Sunflower bouquets.:
...a Happy Bridal Party...
                      ...Simple Elegance...
...Love this cute Reception Card from Zazzle...
sunflower reception wedding flowers,  wedding decor, wedding flower centerpiece, wedding flower arrangement, add pic source on comment and we will update it. can create this beautiful wedding flower look.:
Cute Idea for Reception with the Chalkboard
Rustic Sunflower wedding favors- sunflower seeds:
This inspiration from Jason James Design, Australia, is a lovely Reception featuring Yellow Rose Centerpieces...Perfect for our Yellow Rose of Texas Wedding!
Event styling and Vespa brand activation by Event Designer, Creative Director and Stylist Jason James Design. Wedding designer, birthday designer, floral and corporate event designer. #jasonjamesdesign @jasonjamesdesign:
...A Beautiful Presentation...
Simple Elegance!...
            Event styling and Vespa brand activation by Event Designer, Creative Director and Stylist Jason James Design. Wedding designer, birthday designer, floral and corporate event designer. #jasonjamesdesign @jasonjamesdesign:
        ...Cutest idea for Guests keepsakes...
Sunflower Wedding Favors | Personalized Sunflower Wedding Seed Packets Favors 50 per pack | Stuff:
...a Lemonade Stand...
Helps to beat the Texas heat!
...Lemon Arrangements How-To...
Lemon slices in a vase:
...Bride's Cake Table... 
...and they lived...
...Another cute idea from a similar collection...
Southern Weddings V5, or Volume 5, is our fifth anniversary issue! It debuted on…
climbing yellow roses:
..."Yellow Rose of Texas Wedding"...