August 1, 2015


                     Carolyne Roehm

                CAROLYNE ROEHM is one of those inspirational beings that big girls
                grow up wanting to be...
      Kind of like "Elsa" is to one of my
                   favorite little people...
Carolyne Roehm.  Love how the table is keyed off the outdoor setting:
                        Needless to say,
    I am ecstatic about her newest book,
               "at Home in the Garden".
         I absolutely love all of her beautiful
                    coffee table books...
and adore any of her "Home" projects
come true...
Pretty blue white room in Carolyne Roehm's Charleston home. This is her bird room, it all started with a beautiful bird painting.:

  She's one of those muses that seems to  have the "perfect" answer for any of my decorating or entertaining dilemmas.
Carolyne Roehm At Home in the Garden via Quintessence:

My husband does not always agree with some
of my greater  "CR" aspirations.
                  "You want to buy an old
                Plantation House where?...
            to totally gut and remodel?...
Limelight Hydrangeas with a beautiful white, green, and blue color scheme.:
               ... and who's keeping the
      grounds and gardens?
                 ...and did I say where?"... 
        So after my reality check sets in,
             I pull out those lovely books,
and continue my "CR Dreams" in my mind...

        Being a Blue & White girl, with more
                than my share of Chinoiserie,
                   (another "CR" inspiration)
I devour those luscious photos of a garden party,  settings on the patio, or at the kitchen table, or even better, breakfast in bed!
      in these beautiful books...
At Home With Carolyne Roehm |

So join me as we go to the magical place that we all have in our "dream homes in our heads", and enjoy a taste of "CR" pictures here.
                 And, Carolyne Roehm, Thank you!
        and keep up the good work!

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